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city college, bordesley, birmingham

City College

This 12 million 8,000m project provides vocational and further education for 14-19 year old students. The new facility forms a 'U' shaped building around a semi enclosed courtyard which is used for car parking.

The new College occupies an irregular site formally an industrial complex with associated contamination. The new complex was built into the sloping site with 3m storey height steps to facilitate disabled access. Furthermore the building was located so that the floor slab capped the hot spots of contaminated ground thereby saving high decontamination costs.

The scheme features a corner entrance which accommodates all the main administrative offices at second floor level overlooking the entrance atrium. The Academy also comprises seven subject pods each having a learning resource hub and staff room with team room around flexible teaching spaces. In addition a large multi-purpose hall was provided as a main teaching and assembly area, the walls of which are flush construction to accommodate ball games.

An enclosed corridor runs along the internal face of the 'U' like a medieval cloister. This feature assists with orientation around the facility especially for the many disabled children being taught here. An external teaching area also adds to the facilities teaching areas.

key facts

  • 12 million state-of-the-art teaching facility
  • Seven subject hubs each with support accommodation
  • Feature corner entrance with atrium
  • Building located to cap highly contaminated areas to save on decontamination costs
  • Very Good BREEAM rating

for more details contact:

  • Peter Griffin on 01902 398222