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middlepark road, dudley

Midland Heart Developments Ltd

2km west of Dudley Town Centre.
The scheme provides 132 one and two bedroom retirement apartments on three floors for residents of mixed ability and social status over the age of 55.

The layout of the project is of circular form and allows the building to be both introverted and extroverted whilst dividing the site into three distinct elements.  The entrance area forms the public zone, the apartments form the private zone with the communal facilities forming the buffer between the two.

The development incorporates many facilities such as Community Hall, Craft and Hobby Room, Dining Room, Gym and Spa, Alcoholic and Tea Bar, Games Room, Library and IT Suite, Quiet Room, indoor and outdoor gardening facilities. These community facilities form a 'heart' to the residential facility and radiate off a 'main avenue'. This main route encourages those who may, initially be more timid to gradually venture out into this 'heart' where previously they may have remained in their own homes.

To enhance the 'main avenue' a mixture of hard and soft landscaping is incorporated including street furniture, street lighting and trees.  To protect this 'avenue' from the elements a large glazed roof extends over its entire length.

key facts

  • A £20m development providing 132 residential units
  • Community facilities provide a buffer between the public entrance area and private residential area
  • A glazed roofed 'main avenue' provides a route through the development off which the facilities are located
  • Facilities provided include a Community Hall, Craft and Hobby Room, Library and IT Suite, Quiet Room, Gym and Spa, Dining Area and Alcoholic and Tea Bar

for more details contact:

  • Wendy Griffin on 01902 398222